commalogoxmas (2)

It’s upon us. Christmas, (and Black Friday, apparently- are we the only three people in the UK who haven’t heard of it before?). In the Yuletide consumer spirit we would like to festively recommend you buy all your loved ones short stories from Comma Press this year!

There’s a lovely discount if you order hard copies through our website but make sure you order by 12pm Thursday 18th December to ensure your prezzies make it to your door in time for Christmas.

We’ve created a Christmas Gift Guide which will help you navigate our wealth of brilliant books, but remember there are LOTS more titles available on the website.


Yesterday, Mariella Frostrup interviewed Beta Life authors Martyn Amos (also co-editor) and Sarah Schofield for Open Book on Radio 4. We glamorously swished in to the BBC Salford building and, pushing Benedict Cumberbatch and Tess Daly aside, confidently gave our names to the receptionist. The response was something along the lines of ‘you’re not on the list and you’re not getting in’.


BBC micro studio posing as Tardis/public toilet

A few unglamorous, frantic phone calls to Broadcasting House (where the Open Book team is based) later and the security guard¬†showed Martyn and Sarah in to what can only be described as a wood-veneered public toilet cubicle which hid a micro-recording studio! Mariella was not lurking within, but she was ‘on the line’ and we can’t wait to hear the interview on Sunday at 4pm! Also repeated on Thursday 4th December at 3.30pm.

martyn and sarah

Martyn Amos and Sarah Schofield just before the interview with Mariella

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