Newham Bookshop was founded as a bookshop that provided educational resources for the Newham Parents Centre; things have since changed but at its core remains the desire to brighten the minds of young people and help the community. In celebration of Independent Bookshop Week Comma Press had a chat with Vivian Archer from Newham Bookshop.

Q: How did Newham Bookshop get started?

A: Newham bookshop started 43 years ago as a shop to serve the local community. It is still that.

Q: Can you share some pinnacle moments in the history of this bookshop?

A: So many pinnacle moments, Benazir Bhutto signing in the shop was one, big football signings, winning the initial Books are my Bag Outstanding Contribution to Bookselling.

Q: What makes Newham Bookshop unique?

A: Newham is unique for welcoming everyone wherever they are from, which makes it so diverse and always changing. The shop has always been welcoming.

Q: Why do you think bookshops are important?

A: Independent bookshops that serve their local communities are for so many, safe places to come in discuss books, get recommendations, feel that they are not being judged for what they want to read. Also, for many young people in Newham they do not own their own books, we have done many fundraising events to get books into their hands.

Q: What do you love most about Newham Bookshop?

A: I love the people and the history.

If you’d like to purchase books from Newham Bookshop, a signed copy or find out any more information contact Newham bookshop at –

Phone: 020 8552 9993
Email: info@newhambooks.co.uk

Or visit their website: www.newhambooks.co.uk
Twitter: @NewhamBookshop

By Khadisha Thomas

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