If you’re wishing away the rest of 2020, and looking ahead to (hopefully) bigger and better things in the new year, we’d like to give you a sneak peek of things to come from Comma Press in the first half of 2021.

The Book of Ramallah edited by Maya Abu al-Hayat

February 2021

Following The Book of Jakarta at the end of 2020, this is the next instalment in our popular Reading the City series. The anthology includes ten short stories translated from the Arabic and written by ten established and emerging Palestinian writers. The stories will provide an expansive and varied look at the cultural, commercial and political hub of the West Bank.

Read the editor Maya Abu al-Hayat’s guest blog ‘My Vertical City and My Horizontal Landscape’ here.

For fans of…

  • The Book of Gaza edited by Atef Abu Saif
  • A Map of Absence edited by Atef Alshaer
  • I Saw Ramallah by Mourid Barghouti

The Book of Venice edited by Orsola Casagrande

April 2021

Another new instalment in our popular Reading the City series, including ten stories by ten acclaimed Italian authors, translated into English for the first time. The authors include an award-winning crime writer and a Venetian politician. In his 1882 essay ‘Venice’, Henry James famously wrote that there “was nothing new” to be said about Venice. But the short stories gathered in this anthology will challenge this notion, offering new perspectives on one of the world’s most coveted destinations.

For fans of…

  • The Book of Shanghai edited by Dai Congrong & Jin Li
  • The Penguin Book of Italian Short Stories edited by Jhumpa Lahiri

The American Way: Stories of Invasion edited by Orsola Casagrande & Ra Page

May 2021  

An interdisciplinary anthology that has gathered global contributors to write specially commissioned stories re-examining historic US foreign policy interventions, from 1945 to the present day. From nuclear testing in the Pacific, to invasions in the Middle East, these stories will examine the human cost of these interventions on ‘foreign soil’, through the eyes of writers from the countries affected. The stories will also be accompanied by historians to provide the context for the fiction.

For fans of…

  • The Stupidity of War by John Mueller
  • Black and British: A Forgotten History by David Olusoga
  • U.S. Presidents and Latin American Interventions: Pursuing Regime Change in the Cold War by Michael Grow
  • The Jakarta Method: Washington’s Anticommunist Crusade And The Mass Murder Program That Shaped Our World by Vincent Bevins

The Book of Reykjavik edited by Vera Juliusdottir & Becca Parkinson

June 2021  

It’s a bumper year for our Reading the City series, and 2021 sees no fewer than four new city anthologies! This anthology will include ten stories by ten Icelandic authors, about the beautiful, diminutive capital city of Reykjavik, translated into English for the first time.

For fans of…

  • The Dark Blue Winter Overcoat edited by Ted Hodgkinson and Sjon
  • The Blue Fox by Sjon
  • Miss Iceland by Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir
  • The Book of Riga edited by Eva Eglaja-Kristsone & Becca Parkinson

Refugee Tales: Volume IV edited by Anna Pincus & David Herd

July 2021

In a difficult year marked by divisive politics, ongoing Brexit negotiations, and a global pandemic, the plight of the refugee has been dropped from the front pages. But as the coronavirus death toll rises, the cost of denial and indecision is paid by real people: old and young, sick and healthy, and the forgotten refugees and asylum seekers who continue to suffer the inhumanity of indefinite detention. While we’ve seen nations failing and hostile environments on the rise across the globe, poets, novelists and writers have once again collaborated with people who have experienced detention to retell their stories, appearing alongside first-hand accounts from those who have been detained not only in the UK, but across the globe in Chile, Canada and Italy. In this fourth volume of tales, we hear the ongoing struggle within these ‘hostile environments’, 70 years after the 1951 Refugee Convention which asserts that a refugee should not be returned to a country where they face serious threats to their life or freedom.

For fans of…

  • Refugee Tales: Volumes I, II & III edited by Anna Pincus & David Herd
  • The Ungrateful Refugee by Dina Nayeri
  • The Beekeeper of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri

And finally… an exciting new anthology edited by Ra Page

To be announced in the new year! Stay tuned…

To find out more and keep up-to-date with forthcoming releases, check out the dedicated page on our website.

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