Ever since we published Protest: Stories of Resistance, the first instalment of our History-into-Fiction series, in 2017, up in Comma Towers we’ve been saying we need to compile a ‘protest playlist’, of songs and podcasts that have inspired past and will inspire future acts of defiance.

Now, with the release of our new anthology Resist: Stories of Uprising, fast approaching, we thought it was about time to compile a collection of music and podcasts for your listening pleasure, so here it is:


‘Nina Cried Power’ – Hozier ft. Mavis Staplesbillybragg

‘Reggae Fi Peach’ – Linton Kwesi Johnson

‘Between the Wars’ – Billy Bragg

‘There’s Power in the Union’ – Billy Bragg

‘Tubthumping’ – Chumbawumba

‘The Digger’s Song’ – Chumbawumba

‘Don’t Believe the Hype’ – Public Enemy

‘If I Had a Hammer’ – Pete Seeger

‘Joe Hill’ – Paul Robeson

‘Deportee (Plane Crash At Los Gatos)’ – Woody Guthrieenglishrebels



‘Cry Power’ Podcast with Hozier and Global Citizen

‘The Art of Protest’ with Tate Museums

‘The Comma Press Podcast’ Series 1logo blank 1600 jpg

‘The Peasant’s Revolt’ on BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time

‘Boudica’s Rebellion’ on The British History Podcast

‘A week with Extinction Rebellion’ on The Guardian

Resist: Stories of Uprising will be published by Comma Press later this month. Pre-order the limited edition hardback from all good retailers, or direct from us HERE.


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