On the twelfth day of Christmas, Comma gave to me, discounted books to put under the tree!

Yes it’s that time again, our Christmas Sale begins today (6th December) and runs until the 18th December at 3pm, which is when we take our sack of presents over to the Post Office for guaranteed Christmas delivery.

Take a look at the dozen books we have discounted for you this year, a mix of recently published and timeless classic Comma collections, all at least 40% off

  1. The Book of Leeds190558301X

Was £8.75

Sale price £4.95

Bringing together fiction from some of the city’s most celebrated writers, The Book of Leeds traces fifty years of social and economic change via ten superb short stories.

Buy this for your friends/family in God’s Own Country, or someone who’s moved away and wants a taste of home.


  1. When It Changed

Was £7.95

Sale price £4.50

When It Changed

How much of science fiction is genuine science? Take away the fantastical clichés of space-travel, time-travel and artificial intelligence, and how much of what remains accurately represents contemporary scientific thinking?

As it covers a broad range of scientific discovery and topics, this one is for fans of popular science programmes like Brainiac: Science Abuse, or the Infinite Monkey Cage Podcast; and fans of films like the Theory of Everything and The Imitation Game, where science is narrativised.



  1. Tea at the Midland

Was £8.75Tea at the Midland

Sale price £4.95

David Constantine’s collection is full of defiant characters, disregarding their age, their family, or the prevailing political winds; they show us a way of marking out a space for resistance and taking an honest delight in it. These bewitching stories are the perfect escape from the everyday.

Perfect for the short story first-timer or literature lover in your life, ideal for those long, languid days between Christmas and New Year as you recover from over-eating/drinking and want to tuck into a good book instead.

  1. Elsewhere: Stories from Small Town Europe

Was £7.95Elsewhere

Sale price £4.50

In a year that has been consistently punctuated by Brexit-related drama, why not remind yourself why we joined the EU in the first place with some fantastic fiction from Europe, including a story by 2018 Man Booker International Prize winner Olga Tokarczuk.




  1. The New Uncanny

Was £8.759781905583188

Sale price £4.95

Our Freud-inspired collection of uneasy tales, reissued this year due to featuring ‘Possum’, the story behind the cult British horror film of the year by Matthew Holness and starring Sean Harris.

Everyone has a horror fan in their lives, so if you’ve got a mate with ‘Haunting of Hill House’ withdrawal, this one is for them.



  1. M.O.: Crimes of Practice

M.O. Crimes of Practice

Was £7.95

Sale price £4.50

An anthology of crime stories that shows that even with the most despicable of crimes, there’s methodology in the madness.

This is for the friend who can’t stop listening to podcasts like Serial or My Favourite Murder.




  1. The Silence Room

Was £7.95The Silence Room

Sale price £4.50

Chain-smoking alcoholics, warring academics, Gothic stalkers and aspiring writers are just some of the characters that come to life in this short story collection, which traverses numerous genres, from Gothic horror to English pastoral, Critical Theory to Cold War noir.

Crime and mystery are afoot here, lurking in the waters of the Tyne or Humber. This is first class literary fiction, so treat yourself, your Dad or your Nan…


  1. Lifting the Piano with One Hand

Lifting the PianoWas £7.00

Sale price £3.95

The poetry of Gaia Holmes champions the survivor and celebrates the strength of the self, measuring the loss still felt against the new-found strength of starting afresh. If you were enticed by her most recent collection ‘Where the Road Runs Out’, why not make the most of this deal to experience her earlier work?

One for the person who gets excited to make their New Year’s Resolutions, or attempting to embrace the ‘new year, new me’ philosophy. Effortless but remarkable poetry.


  1. The Book of Liverpool

Was £8.75

liverpool cover UPDATED.epsSale price £4.95

Set against the city’s key historical moments from the Second World War to the Capital of Culture year, these stories question what ‘belonging’ and ‘home’ mean in the Liverpudlian context: the regenerated city centre; satellite suburbs; sparring cathedrals; no-go concrete housing estates.

For your favourite Scouser, or lover of all things Liverpudlian!



  1. Thought X

9781905583607Was £8.75

Sale price £4.95

Science is always telling stories, from the creation myths of evolution or the Big Bang, to the eureka moments of science history, narrative is a key tool in the scientist’s toolkit. The thought experiment draws on basic human instinct and imagination to solve science’s most perplexing problems.

Featuring leading writers and scientists, embrace your inner nerd and tread the fine line between science and fiction in this unique collection.


  1. Instruction Manual for Swallowing

Instruction_ManualWas £8.75

Sale price £4.95

Robotic insects, in-growing cutlery, flesh-serving waiters in a zombie cafe…this is the surreal, misshapen universe of Adam Marek’s fiction; combining the techno-crazed future and mythical past to show the fantastical in everyday settings, Marek’s stories are unlike anything you’ve ever read before.

For fans of Ian McEwan and David Cronenberg, this is truly terrific writing!



  1. The BBC National Short Story Award 2018

BBC_cover_2018Was £7.99

Sale price £3.95

Judges of the thirteenth annual BBC National Short Story Award, which this year crowned Ingrid Persaud the winner of a shortlist of five fantastic female short story writers, must have had a tricky choice on their hands, and you’ll see why reading this anthology featuring five stellar stories.

It’s a dinky little book so makes the perfect stocking filler for your bookish friend or relative!


Happy shopping and Merry Christmas from all of us at Comma!


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