Nothing says ‘hey Dad, you’re alright’ on Father’s Day like a good book, so we’ve taken the liberty of recommending some titles that we think are particularly Dad friendly. Of course, this is based on our own judgement and some deeply rooted societal constructs, so feel free to add your own reccos in the comments as well.

For the Science-y Dad
When It Changed is an attempt to put authors and scientists back in touch with each other, to re-introduce research ideas with literary concerns, and to re-forge the alloy that once made SF great. The Guardian said ‘this thought-provoking collection reminded me why I used to like science fiction so much’, so this would make a great gift for someone out of touch with their former SF-aholic self.
Likewise, Spindles: Stories from the Science of Sleep reconnects literature with science, this time focusing on the dreamy and mysterious world of sleep. Great for the Dads who may sleep too much or not enough.
For the Midlife Crisis Dad


The characters in David Constantine’s remarkable collection The Shieling are united by an urge to absent themselves, to abscond from the intolerable pressures of normal life and withdraw into strange ideas, political causes, even private languages. Widely regarded as one of the definitive masters of the short story form, this collection in particular is a great introduction to the quietly vocal stories of Constantine.
Plus, if you want to engage in some cross-media present buying, why not buy a copy of the Oscar-nominated 45 YEARS as well, inspired by one of Constantine’s short stories ‘In Another Country’.

For the Travelling Dad

For the Dads that simply want to get away from their children pronto, our Reading the City series is the perfect means of escape (and much cheaper than a plane ticket, even on Ryanair). From stories closer to home set in Liverpool or Leeds, to the far-flung cities of Rio, Dhaka, Khartoum or Gaza, these anthologies paint a picture of a city and offer a literary guidebook straight from the source.


For the Criminal Dad

Everyone knows men love reading crime, right? It’s this kind of profiling that crime fiction often thrives on, but these two anthologies published with the Crime Writers Association attempt to do things a little bit differently.
I.D. : Crimes of Identity celebrates the ‘who’ in the whodunnit, the psyche behind the psychological profile, as it seems nowadays there’s one thing you can’t classify or slap an ID card on: it’s the id.
The collection includes stories by two recipients of the Crime Writers’ Association ‘Diamond Dagger’ lifetime achievement award (Peter Lovesey and Robert Barnard), and an American Grand Master awardee (Edward D Hoch, who has published more crime short stories than anyone else, ever!).
M.O. : Crimes of Practice picks up the primary scent of any investigation: the modus operandi; the signature that identifies any repeat offender, the ‘how’ that supersedes the ‘why’. From the ex-doctor tenderly administering a final prescription to his victims, the party of finishing school debutantes exacting revenge on their lecherous host… these stories demonstrate that, even with the most despicable of crimes, there’s methodology in the madness.

M.O. Crimes of Practice

All of these book are available for reduced rates on our website, available through PayPal. Send us a message if you need them for Sunday so we can rush delivery. Happy Father’s Day everyone!

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