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What is it?

Moss Witch is the only Science-Into-Fiction single author collection that Comma has published, despite it still featuring 15 contributors! The stories themselves are crafted by the wonderful Sara Maitland, who upon the release of Moss Witch had already featured in Litmus, Bio-Punk, and When It Changed – a true Science-Into-Fiction pro! Like those which preceded it, each story is informed and inspired by an exchange with a scientist, who also contributes an afterword to help explain the scientific fact behind the weird and wonderful creations that Maitland has embedded them in.

Each story in Sara Maitland’s the collection enacts a daring kind of alchemy, fusing together raw elements of scientific theory with ancient myth, folkloric archetype and contemporary storytelling. As the laboratory smoke settles, we are treated to a new strain of narrative: a hybrid of fiction and non-fiction, the atavistic and the futuristic. We’re also introduced to a weird and wonderful cast of characters: identical twins who fight bitterly day and night for purely quantum mechanical reasons; an expert on bird migration awaiting the homecoming of her lover on the windswept shores of the Hebrides. All the more remarkable is that each of these stories sprang from a conversation with a scientist and grew directly out of cutting-edge research.

Why we chose it and who should you buy this for?

We chose this book because the way it interweaves everything from bryology (that’s the study of mosses, by the way!) and evolution, to the history of the women’s movement and mythological greek goddesses makes reading these stories feel like you are encircling the globe, or soaring through an encyclopedia of every kind of knowledge – from scientific, to creative, to the mythic and marvelous. Bookmunch‘s David Hebblethwaite gave this book a glowing review, describing it as a ‘delight to explore… especially if you’re interested in seeing science refracted in myriad ways through the prism of fiction.’ We couldn’t agree more.

Want a taste? Here’s some online content to sink your teeth into

‘Dark Humour’ is one of the stories in Moss Witch, with Dr. Rob Appleby providing the afterword, and the story takes a fast paced exploration of particle physics, where a small glass of whiskey leads to some big questions between a couple.


Listen on BBC iplayer to Sara and Tara Shears discussing what happens when an author joins forces with a Quantum physicist? ‘The Beautiful Equation’ is based on the work of Tara Shears, Professor of Physics at the University of Liverpool and one the quantum physicists carrying out research into antimatter at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Tara and Sara discuss how the collaboration worked and how science has become literature.

You can also hear more from Sara Maitland at Manchester Literature Festival on our self-publishing platform for fiction and poetry, MacGuffin. Download it onto your smartphone to upload your own stories as both text and audio, and contribute to our juke-box of literature. Or, simply indulge in listening to over hundreds of free poems and stories.

Buy Moss Witch for only £6 until Sunday 18th December  HERE



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