While I have no problem engaging in the consumer-whirlwind that is Black Friday (I write this with a lovely new scarf draped round my shoulders, purchased on a whim this morning as I hurried through the train station – 25% off!) we’ve decided that we would rather offer a reprieve – an antidote, if you will – to the hysteria, and give our lovely readers some free stuff instead!

We’ve decided to treat you to a whole host of downloadable  mp3 recordings of readings by Zoe Lambert, Adam Marek, Larissa Boehning, Helen Clare, and Martyn Bedford, to name only a few. You’ll find David Constantine recasting the M25 as a Dante-esque ring of hell in ‘The Loss’, and Jane Rogers story ‘Conception’, a story about the unexpected beginning of new life – perfect for your commute, or to have in the background as you peruse the internet on ‘Cyber Monday’…

The economist Milton Friedman and many others have famously said that ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’, and they were probably right. Maybe you’ll check out our website off the back of this post, maybe you’ll buy a book. But no pressure; these are simply to you, from us.

You can listen and download the links here

Plus, here are some links to more great free content that you can find online.

Vladimir Nabokov’s heart-rending classic ‘The Symbols and Signs’
Katherine Mansfield’s shocking but understated study of a father’s remorse (of lack of it) ‘The Fly’
Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘Tell-Tale Heart’
Anton Chekhov’s touching story of a cab driver with no one to tell his story to

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