Sarah here, the newest member of the Comma team, working for two weeks as work experience. I thought I’d write a brief post to introduce myself, what I do in my spare time and how I’ve been getting on at Comma.

Well, I survived my first week here. We’ve been so busy what with numerous book releases, events, and Literature Festival season. I’ve been helping the team with general organising, emailing, and marketing, but also assisting in the planning of events, such as our National Creative Writing Graduate Fair (tickets no longer available).

So, a little bit about me…

I’ve just turned 22 and I graduated from Liverpool Hope University in July a with a 2:1, Ba(Hons) in English Literature. Straight from finishing my exams, I started my own business as a freelance editor and proofreader. Reading has always been a passion of mine, and I’ve the skill (or the curse) of spotting mistakes in spelling and grammar. However, I don’t just proofread. The majority of the work that I do is editorial for fiction. I look at how the book is written, whether the characters are strong or weak, the structure of the plot, how the book presents itself, whether the opening sentence/paragraph/chapter grabs you, etc. Although I’ve only been in business six months, it’s been going well, and I hope it continues to do so. I’m currently working on two fantasy novels, and a historical trilogy.

My most recent achievement, apart from getting my degree, is that I have just completed my diploma in proofreading and editing, a qualification that is so important to the business and really makes my clients trust me as a dedicated professional. This business is something I can see myself doing and enjoying for a long time.

In my ‘not-so-spare’ spare time, I seem to be either furniture shopping for the house I’ve just bought or wedding planning for the Big Day in April 2018! My life doesn’t seem to stand still at the moment so the only chance I get to read a book is on my commute to Comma! I definitely need to find more time from somewhere…

Thank you all for sticking with me as I reel off my life story. You can follow me on Twitter @MacklinEditing, find me on Facebook by searching for Sarah Macklin Editing or visit my website for more details: Sarah Macklin Editing.

I’m staying at Comma Press until Friday. In that time, I’ll be sending off press releases for our most recent short story collection, Iraq + 100. We’ve had an article written about it on the BBC News page which is so exciting for Comma. As a small press, we rarely get such a mention by such a big company, so we’re obviously very pleased! Keep in touch with what we’re doing via our Twitter feed @CommaPress or on Facebook!

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