Here’s a selection of some of our fantastic female authors and their short story collections…

Zoe Lambert on The War Tour 

LambertZthe war tour
“When The War Tour came out, the surprising (or not) question that arose was why did you write this book? Since Homer, exploring conflict has mainly been the territory of male writers – as if war only effects men and not all of us. As a woman writer I like to push against all boundaries in terms of both form, genre and theme. Writing from and outside what I personally know and feel. My advice to other women writers is to write fiercely and fearlessly, and to write back to the world.”

Sema Kaygusuz – The Well of Trapped Words
Translated from the Turkish by Maureen Freely
well of trapped cover sans spine

Sema Kaygusuz is one of Turkey’s leading contemporary female writers. She was recently awarded the Friedrich Rückert Prize for her contribution to literature. Her recent collection The Well of Trapped Words was published by Comma in 2015.

Michelle Green – Jebel Marra

MGreen 2015 b+w

jebel cover website 648Michelle Green is an acclaimed poet-turned-short story writer, and a well-loved figure on the Manchester spoken word scene. Her short story collection Jebel Marra is a narrative of the war in Darfur, Sudan, that encapsulates a series of personal experiences and relationships relating to the struggle of war.


Sara Maitland – Moss Witch

download  1905583427Sara is an award-winning author who has featured in numerous Comma Press anthologies.

Moss Witch fuses together raw elements of scientific theory with ancient myth, folkloric archetype and contemporary storytelling.

‘She has built bridges that may tempt new minds across to science. How ingenious.’ – The Guardian


Jane Rogers – Hitting Trees With Sticks

Jane R  1905583451Jane Rogers’ story collection Hitting Trees with Sticks was shortlisted for the 2013 Edgehill Award, and the title story was a BBC National Short story award finalist.  She is author of nine novels.

‘A set of cliche-free stories that rarely end up where you’d expect.’ – The Independent


Mirja Unge – It Was Just Yesterday
Translated from the Swedish by Kari Dickson



Swedish author Mirja Unge received the Katapult Award for her critically acclaimed first novel, Det var ur munnarna orden kom, 1998.

Told, in most cases, through the eyes of teenage girls or young women, It Was Just Yesterday‘s stories exhibit a unique prose style that perfectly captures the conversational rhythms, and preoccupations, of their generation.


Larissa Boehning

imagesGerman author Larissa Boehning will be bringing out her short story collection Swallow Summer with Comma Press in May 2016.


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