The years just fly past so fast, don’t they?  That’s why we provide you with the most exciting, contemporary, and daring short stories to keep you on your literary toes. Here’s a little selection of what’s coming from Comma in the first half of 2016…

Swallow Summer

By Larissa Boehning, translated by Lyn Marven

The settings of this acclaimed debut collection, from German author Larissa Boehning, range from the German coast to Berlin, from Tel Aviv to Tucson, Arizona, but their protagonists are often the same kind of characters with the same kinds of concerns: young, unsatisfied, and drifting through life. Boehning was nominated for the European Prize for Literature, and she has previously won the Prenzlauer Berg Literature Prize.

Recent single-author collections: Points of Origin by Diao Dou, The Well of Trapped Words by Sema Kegasuz, In Another Country by David Constantine, and Jebel Marra by Michelle Green

Thought X: Fictions and Hypotheticals

Ed. by Ra Page & Dr Rob Appleby and featuring contributions 20 leading scientists and authors including: Claire Dean, Sarah Schofield, Adam Marek, Lisa TuttleIan Watson, Margaret Wilkinson & Simon Ings

From Newton’s Bucket, to Maxwell’s Demon, from Einstein’s Lift to Schrodinger’s Cat – all are examples of ‘fiction’ being used at the highest level, not just to explain, but to deduce, to prove. In this unique anthology, authors have collaborated with leading scientists, to bounce literary, human narratives against purely theoretical ones to produce an anthology of experimental and insightful stories.

Previously in this series: Spindles, Beta-Life, Bio-PunkLitmus, When it Changed

Book of Dhaka

Ed. by Ra Page and featuring 10 authors from Dhaka

We’re extremely excited to be publishing the next in our ‘City in Short Fiction’ series, centred around the Bangladesh city of Dhaka. Despite being the 10th largest city in the world, Dhaka and its literature has been left largely unexplored by UK readers and we are delighted to bring together 10 unique, exciting and challenging stories, spanning the period from the founding of the republic back in 1972 right up to the present day. Published  in partnership with Bangladeshi publisher Bengal Lights Books.

Previously in this series: The Book of Tokyo, The Book of Rio,  The Book of Gaza, Shi-Cheng, Madinah, Decapolis, The Book of Liverpool, The Book of Leeds, The Book of Istanbul, Elsewhere, and ReBerth

The Mirror in the Mirror

Ed. by Jim Hinks, featuring 15 new writers 

Continuing our dedication to finding the best short story writing talent in the UK, this anthology will be made up of short stories written by 15 new writers. The new writers showcase provides the benchmark for the new voices of 2016… keep your eyes peeled!

Previous new writer anthologies: Brace, ParenthesisEllipsisBracket, Comma 

The Ghost who Bled

By Gregory Norminton 

The Ghost who Bled will be the first short story collection from acclaimed novelist Gregory Norminton. Re-imagining the lives of peripheral historical figures from time-travellers, to ancient mystics, and celebrating the contemporary and the futuristic with body modification cults, Norminton’s witty, lyrical, and moving collection will blend historical narrative fiction with spec-fic world building.

You can read Gregory Normington’s work in: Bio-Punk

Book of Khartoum

Ed. by Raphael Cormack and Max Shmookler, featuring 10 writers from Khartoum

Against the backdrop of one of Africa’s most vibrant and evolving cities, The Book of Khartoum will feature the work of 10 authors, all of whom tell the story of their city in a different way. For the last two centuries this city has been a focal point for both imperialism and rebellion, a breeding ground for revolutionary fervour. Tapping into the fantastical abstraction of a new generation of Sudanese writers and harking back to the social realism of old Communist stalwarts, this collection features some of Sudan’s most celebrated writers and journalists.

Also based in Sudan: Jebel Marra by Michelle Green





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