We sent Comma Press author Adam Marek to spend the night in a sleep lab to inspire him in his commission to write a short story based on sleep science. Adam has blogged about it over on his website.

As well as being a great example of how we bring academics and fiction writers together on exciting collaborations, it’s a typically hilarious Marekian tale of the domestic and the surreal!

adam sleep lab

Spindles: Short stories from the science of sleep is a brilliant collection exploring what sleep is, what it means to us, what it does to us, and how it can mis-function in catastrophic ways. Adam’s futuristic story involves a scientist called upon to run sleep tests on apes before they are sent in to space in the course of investigating a possible human colony far, far away.

Other highlights include stories from MJ Hyland (violent dreams), Deborah Levy (narcolepsy) and Adam Roberts (the eradication of sleep)- all met with skillful Afterwords by some of the globe’s leading sleep scientists.


Spindles is available to buy now, in paperback and ebook formats, from our website.


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