45 Years is a new feature length film, based on a David Constantine short story, published by Comma Press.

We’ve blogged about the film before, so why again? Because the film has lots of amazing reviews and won even more awards – that’s why. We’ll be treating this post as a place where news about the film is gathered, so keep checking back for more inevitable news.

Directed by rising British talent, Andrew Haigh, and produced by Tristan Goligher, the film is a faithful adaptation of a David Constantine short story (‘In Another Country’) commissioned for Under the Dam – Comma’s first ever single-author collection, published in 2005. The film has been praised for its subtle yet powerful portrayal of a marriage threatened by a potentially devastating revelation. 

Here’s the trailer.

45 Years marks the second adaptation of a Comma short story by the director-producer team Andrew Haigh and Tristan Goligher. In 2009 Haigh and Goligher produced the award-winning short, ‘Five Miles Out’, based on a Sarah Tierney short story which featured in Comma’s first ever new-writer showcase, Bracket (2006). Watch this earlier short here.

A still from Five Miles Out

The film is already winning awards.


It won two silver bears at the Berlin Film Festival, with Tom Courtenay winning Best Actor, and Charlotte Rampling winning Best Actress. At one point, the film was even tipped for the overall Best Picture award, according to Business Insider.

45 Years topped the Screen Jury Grid, making it Screen Daily’s best film of the Berlin Film Festival, where it received its world premiere.

The Guardian‘s Guy Lodge, wrote: ‘45 Years […] at the time of writing, is unlikely to be surpassed as this critic’s film of the festival. An exquisitely wrought, ineffably tender study of a pension-age marriage in silently dignified crisis…’ See full round-up here. 


Courtenay, Rampling and Haigh at the Berlinale

Edinburgh International Film Festival

45 Years picked up the Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature Film at this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival. Charlotte Rampling won the second award given to the film, receiving Best Performance in a British Feature Film.

The Edinburgh Reporter gave 5 stars after a preview at the festival, calling it “impossibly close to perfection”.


The Press is raving about the film, with The Telegraph giving 5 stars, along with Time Out and The Skinny. The Guardian, London Evening Standard and Variety are all giving 4 stars. BBC Four’s Front Row called the film, quite simply, “Terrific”.

Also, Charlotte Rampling recently did a Q &A with the New Review at the Guardian, if you want to learn more about this fantastic, award-winning actress.

Praise for 45 Years:

‘The film, based on a short story by David Constantine, is composed with rigour and exactitude and performed with a repressed, heartfelt passion.’ 
– Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

– BBC Radio 4, Front Row 

‘A quietly moving and deceptively tragic look at aging romance haunted by past mysteries.’
– Eric Kohn, Indie Wire

‘Above all, “45 Years” is a drama of quiet restraint.’
– Charles Gant, Variety

‘[Rampling]’s rarely been better than she is here, in the role of a placid, dog-walking, tea-drinking middle-class Brit, who finds the floor abruptly falling out beneath her’
– Tim Robey, The Telegraph

‘A contemporary British drama with an almost Ingmar Bergman-esque take on the fragile certainties of love and marriage.’
– Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter

‘It’s about the terrifying realisation that the foundations of your whole life might be wrong and could have been different, once. It’s beautifully written (it’s very written) and filmed (the framing always gracefully subordinate to the story).’
– David Sexton, Evening Standard

‘45 Years is remarkable cinema, it’s tender, touching and ineffably poignant.’
– HeyUGuys Blog

Under the Dam (Cover)

Want to read the story that inspired the film? Why not get yourself a copy of Under the Dam, available through the link. OR ALTERNATIVELY, you could wait just a little longer for 45 Years: Selected Stories, featuring ‘In Another Country’ alongside some of David Constantine’s best selected stories across his collections with Comma.

The Life-Writer, a novel by David Constantine, will be released alongside 45 Years: Selected Stories – a rare occurrence from Comma!

45 Years, the film is released on August 28th, with 45 Years: Selected Stories and The Life-Writer set to be released the day before, on August 27th.

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