1 Van, 1000 wires, 50 boxes of books, 10 monitors, and 1 very rickety old service lift later, we are finally settled into our new home in Ancoats, Manchester.


Following an incredibly hectic, smelly, heavy and lengthy Friday, finally all of our books, desks and electronics have been moved into the new office. It was a mess, but an organised mess. After putting up a couple of  flat pack bookshelves (no swearing there) we managed to finally put away all of the books which had been stored in boxes for months. Now we can peer down from our 5th floor perch and look out across Manchester, the Etihad Stadium, a fair amount of industrial wasteland, some new apartment blocks and way out into the distance we can see the Peak District where it disrupts the flat plains of brick with rolling hills and trees.


liftSituated on the home turf of Manchester’s industry, Hope Mill is a grade II listed building that used to be a cotton spinning mill back in the 1820s. Now it is home to over 100 creative businesses, individuals and start ups, who make this a very lively and interesting place to work. The corridor to our office is lined with a recent photography exhibition that was put on for the AWOL open studios last Friday, and the sink occasionally has specks of paint. The real attraction contraption however is the old mechanical service lift that jolts into action as soon as you press the floor you want. Once you get used to the strange sounds and the iron bars, it really is a smooth ride.


So after working our calf  muscles to cramp, we now have an office, a spacious, organised, and light-filled office. HALLELUJAH! When the country goes into an austerity meltdown we can hide up here and read books

…. and you’re all invited.


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