Hello, I’m Daisy, the new Marketing and Production Intern at Comma. In the next couple of months I’ll be helping with the marketing of our new releases (SEE HERE →https://thecommapressblog.wordpress.com/2015/01/08/new-year-new-titles-from-comma-press/) which is bound to keep me very busy! To kick 2015 into action, our 5 new releases include: the next in the New Writer’s Showcase series, another harrowing collection from Atef Abu Saif – who was subject to great acclaim in 2014 – and the next in our city anthologies – The Book of Tokyo (among others)

.FullSizeRenderSo what will I actually be doing? It seems that marketing has taken off from the physical grounding that it had a decade ago and it has flown into the digital abyss of lists, feeds, posts and likes. Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of the new (or not so new) age of digital marketing is the sheer amount of information that is available out there for people to read, digest, then forget about five minutes later. The problem with this is that all the information is thrown together so you get the latest report on Gaza and then straight after you are confronted with a picture of Kim Kardashian’s rear end.

At Comma, many of the books that are published originate from real-life events and people, some of which carry a great political weight e.g. The Book of Gaza. In these instances, digital-hype, 5 second marketing does not bode well with time and attention that should be paid. In contrast to this, our latest book Beta Life is well suited to list-style articles such as “10 Things Trending in the Year 2070” (coming soon…). Finding a balance between the hype and the hesitation is a risky business, and one that I will be navigating over the next few weeks.

Keep up to date with all our digital and social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Goodreads) to see how that goes.

In the mean time have a listen to an interesting programme from Radio 4: “23 Reasons This Radio Programme will Change Your Life”. I listened to it on the way to work this morning and it is probably the reason that i’ve introduced myself with a discussion on digital marketing…


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