Atef’s visceral diary pieces about life in Gaza under the bombardment were featured in The New York Time’s Op Ed today (click on the images above to see the print version).

Again, comments below the online version suggest that his testimony is reaching those who need to hear it. There really do seem to be people out there who believe an Arab life is worth less than that of an Israeli; that the suffering of a Gazan isn’t, somehow, as nuanced, or newsworthy.

It’s impossible to read Atef’s testimony and cling onto those delusions, and I think you can sense something of this cognitive dissonance in a few of the comments – hawkish, zionist readers feeling an unfamiliar prick of conscience (then, almost invariably, comes a ‘but’, as they try to place all blame for the slaughter of Gazan civilians back on the Palestinians themselves).


On a lighter note, all the time we’ve been working on getting Atef’s piece into the New York Times, I’ve had this song in my head. From Rufus to you – via me – with love.

– Jim, 5 August.


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